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A Velu who originally belongs to sculptor and artist family Born on 01-06-1952 at Vennampalli (V), Chittoor Dist., A.P., India. In his childhood, he took great interest in painting and sculpture fields. he wins many awards in the college level.1) passed in M.A. (Archeology) in First Division, 2) Passed in First Division sculpture and Temple Architecture at Tirupathi A.P., and passed certificate in Higher grade Drawing & Painting from Technical Education Dept., Govt.of A.P.

He got best award gold medal in All India Art Competition on 1987 at Vellatur, Guntur Dist., he has successfully achieve the greatest world record in medicinal paintings in 2002 and his paintings and sculptures are exhibited in major All India Art Competitions held in India and also exhibited his paintings in International events i.e. 4th International Design Competition Osaka, Japan 1989. He was felicitated Ugadi Purskar Award in the year 2002 and 2008 by the Hon'ble CHIEF MINISTERS, Govt. of A.P. He was honored and felicitated by the politicians and other high officials as a distinguished veteran artist. He got many titles (award s) from different cultural and arts organizations. He has been appointed as Syllabus Committee Member of S.V. Traditional Sculpture College, TTD, Tirupati, A, India.

A. Velu, M.A.